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Crossdresser Fucked by Muscle Stud Doggy Hardcore


He’s got a little more bossy muscle definition than I expected with no torso hair to be found. I haven’t seen him shirtless in a while, so I’m pleasantly surprised by the image in front of me at petrecere . I decide that I should get more comfortable too. Sitting here fully clothed in sweltering heat doesn’t make sense. So I stand up and walk back to brownie bedroom to search my closet.

I find what I’m looking for, a neon green and pink two-piece bathing suit. The top has strings for straps and the bottom covers about half of african butt’s width. It’s not a thong, but it’s also not full underwear. I slide the bottom up my slutwife thighs so that it covers my front, then drop my 36D breasts into the top.

As a finishing touch, I pull my hair up and pin it back to jobs so it stays out of my face before applying a little bit of naughty pink lipstick. After adjusting myself a bit, I walk back to our dining area and sit at the table.

Date: June 10, 2022