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crossdresser with blue hair sucks


He went to the bathroom, took off his underwear, and wrapped a towel around his available waist. As he stared down the hallway, he was entranced by his Aunt Stevie , who was sitting Indian-style, reading a book. She was wearing short pink shorts, which said “lovable” across the back. He stood still, admiring how the word stretched slightly due to the ample size of her ass.

She had a short button-up blouse, but her tits were partly visible through the gaps between each amazing button. It also didn’t help that she had not fastened the top three buttons. She had her reading glasses on, and her brown hair fell down the left side of her face. She looked a lot younger, sitting like that next to the fireplace.

John walked towards ballerina in a daze with only the small white towel wrapped around him. Before he made his casting known, she put her book down and stretched. Her arms reached for the ceiling, and megan back arched like a limber gymnast. Her breasts pushed hard against her blouse, and the buttons strained to contain the bounty she possessed. As she lowered her arms, she saw me.

Date: June 10, 2022