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Hairy straight hunk receives armpit and feet worshipping


I caught sight of the treasure between escorte nimfomane perverse legs, and immediately knew what she was referring to. Her patch of dark pubic hair was suddenly very evident to me, as I had not taken much notice of it before. There was an obvious design that had been carefully trimmed just above hamburg escorts pussy. But I saw small hairs beginning to surface all around the small strip of escorte din buzau denser hair that was like a jagged flame seated just above her clit. I was surprised to learn that she kept herself so neatly groomed. I thought that was only something porn stars did.

She grabbed the shaving cream from under the sink and sprayed a glob onto her palm. With a slightly servere devilish smile, she glanced at me before reaching downward to perform what would be the most erotic act I had ever seen up to this point.

Date: April 5, 2022