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When she came from the little bathroom Anna flopped to her stomach on the bed, her firm round butt cheeks attracted my hands. She fluffed a pillow then cradled it like a beloved stuffed toy the vaping , “After cheer practice Wednesday, Jaycee told me what she did. She says you fucked twice and did other stuff.”

My breath caught in my throat, even though Jaycee had told me about what she and Anna had talked about, I was unsure how beautiful brunette would react to the actuality of me screwing my fifteen-year-old sister. Dame verificate rolled over, held her arms up for a hug and pulled me down. She nuzzled my ear then asked softly, “Did you like having your big fucking girl toy in her tight little cunt Will for first time ? Did you enjoy screwing your pretty little redheaded sister?”

Date: September 15, 2022