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I rubbed mati bare wet pussy with my fingers, then ran my seo maxim thumb over her tight rubbery asshole. I had promised her a bath. Now seemed like as good a time as any.

Grabbing both cheeks to spread them apart, I licked my way up her asscrack and then focused on her sphincter, drinking in the salty taste. I took turns seo romania massaging her asshole and teasing her pussy opening with the tip of my tongue, as well as running it through her thick, dark butterfly labia.

With my tongue seo total burrowing into her asshole I slid two fingers into her pussy, massaging her from the inside as they glided in and out. “Mmm yeeeesss…” she moaned approvingly as I increased the pace of my servicii seo tongue-flicking and fingerfucking.

Lexi’s hips drove back to meet my fingers, now slick with her juices. She was trying to cum and she seemed like she was close. But I wasn’t going to let her cum on my fingers when I had a perfectly good cock for gorgeous fit teen to do that on.

Date: June 10, 2022