Step Daddys Secret Basement


Besides that bar is a clear ten miles further down the road. We all know that is just too far. This place is just closer to home and convenient. I have no worries. In the end the best bartender,” I point to myself, “will prevail. Besides, lyza’s got a whole town of regulars to herself. She doesn’t have room for hot gayz . Just in case though,” I unbuttoned my shirt a few buttons and rolled my sleeves way up.

I walked around flexing for a few minutes. I also managed to pick something up off the floor in front of every big tits girl at the bar. In other words, I bent over inele penis and stuck my butt in the air in front of all the ladies at the bar. There were hoots and hollers. Everyone laughed. We traded jabs back and forth for a while. Then moved on to the next topic.

They were talking about fanteziile tale erotice . Nobody was quite sure what a Wal-Mart was but it can’t be good. The afternoon turned into the evening which faded into night. Slowly the crowd died off. I was cleaning up and figured since I hadn’t had a customer in half an hour, I’d shut down. I decided to check out my competition.

Date: December 31, 2022
Actors: tristan jaxx