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Her tongue tentatively touched my lips. I opened my mouth, letting her penetrate me. Our tongues intertwined in a delicate little dance. It became more intense as she felt me unzipping her warm-up. It fell open revealing her tits. I softly fondled them. I sprinkled little kisses on the side of her face, then her neck – as I worked my way down to her breasts.

She ran her finger-tips along my neck, coaxing me to suck her nipples. She pressed toward me as I explored her moist crotch. I soon worked my hand under her warm-up pants, but still on top of her thin cotton panties. I could feel the wet slit in her plump little mound. Removing my robe, I knelt on the floor beside her, hooking my my fingers on the elastic waistband of her warm-up suit.

Date: January 16, 2021